Hide & Seek

Fauna of the natural world assume a staggering degree of colour and pattern variation, most of which is inherent and immutable over the lifetime of an organism. There exists certain animal species, however, that are able to actively change their natural colouration. Chameleons, along with many other animals, possess pigment-containing cells within their skin called “chromatophores” that react to environmental stimuli to produce varying displays of colouration and patterning. By contracting muscle fibers that surround the pigments, or by redistributing pigments along the cell’s length (depending on the animal), this affect is achieved.

This mock cover was completed for an editorial illustration assignment aimed at capturing the attention of prospective readers. Creating a fully rigged model allowed for the chameleon’s positioning and gaze to captivate the viewer, while having a vast network of chromatophores fading into the background creates a sense of depth and intrigue.